Life was pretty dope, I had a handful of bling in the form of medals from running half, full and ultra marathons, but I wanted more. I woke up one day and realised that I wasn't going to magically become the person I saw in my future. Of course I knew this, but this time it felt different. I was making the decision to put some dedicated time and energy into me and into becoming this person. I wasn't on some new me flex, I just wanted to be a better me.

So I stuck to the promise I made to myself...
Fast forward to completing my yoga teacher training, I felt frustrated with the lack of diversity (in all senses of the word) in yoga settings, so I took my tight hamstring self and decided to do something about it and try to open up the yoga and wellness scene and created, #Yogahood. I now bring my big afro, big smile and good vibes to the mat, with a fiyah playlist to help you find freedom, space and unapologetic movement, in the hope of bringing yoga to the people dem. 

When I'm not on the mat, you'll find me rolling with Run Dem Crew, encouraging others to indulge in self care and be the best versions of themselves. With over 10 years of drama experience I still dabble in the arts, you'll occasionally find me speaking publicly, or collaborating with brands too. 

If you wanna flow with me, expect a fiyah playlist, but a class led with love and an invitation to be your authentic self and know you're a badass for just showing up! 


Gyal Flex 

Dubbed "the urban face of well being", me and my main squeeze Holiday (of Breathe and Stop) bring you the best of yoga and meditation to a fiyah playlist of Hip Hop and beats every damn month.

An hour of Yogahood stylee Vinyasa flow, where you'll throw it down on the mat, create some heat and leave your negative ish behind. We then flow into approx 30 minutes of meditation, where you'll be invited to breathe and stop, and give your mind a chance to just chill with a beautiful and badass meditation. We love a chat in real life, so we leave a bit of time for a casj little Q&A session known as 'Back Chat'. Giving you a chance to ask us anything… well wellness related *wink* 

We operate a good vibes only policy so bring your bredrins, bring the man dem and bring your good-good energy. If you want keep up to date with the next event, sign up to my mailing list and check out the Gyal Flex facebook page.