Notting Hill Carnival Afro

Yagga yo Lovers,

I'm Sanchia. I can't stand the terms 'well being', 'wellness' and 'self lurve' etc. Instead I believe in being your own bad gyal/man, bawse of your own life and hero, and I try and encourage others to feel like this too. I try to live every day with this in mind, by being good to myself and proving that you can do ish you're own way. In fact it's the ONLY way to do anything.  

I've had my fingers in nuff pies... Mentor, youth theatre director, drama facilitator, public speaker, project coordinator, runner and now yoga teacher. The last few years I've been spending a lot of my time collecting bling (medals), wearing lipstick and Lycra, rocking an Afro, styling friends and trying to perfect* my down facing dawg. 

*Bun that idea. There is no such thing! 


Yogahood, was born out of frustration and passion! It promotes yoga any time, any place, any body. I've met so many people that feel displaced and under represented in yoga, or are under the impression that the community is somewhat closed or elitist, or that you have to be a certain type, perform acrobatic style moves to be "doing yoga". My message is you really don't. "Look at me!" 

Expect a fiyah playlist, with tunes you might be more used to in the club (yeah I said it), but a class led with love and one rule, to not take it too seriously and know you're a badass for just showing up! 


Gyal Flex 

Dubbed "the urban face of well being", me and my main squeeze Holiday (of Breathe and Stop) bring you the best of yoga and meditation to a fiyah playlist of Hip Hop and beats every damn month.

It usually goes down with an hour of Yogahood stylee Vinyasa flow, where you'll throw it down on the mat, create some heat and leave your negative ish behind. You then flow into approx 30 minutes of meditation with Holiday, where you'll be invited to breathe and stop, leave your worries behind and give your mind a chance to just chill with a beautiful and badass meditation. 

We love a chat, and yeah social media is great, but we love connecting in real life, so we leave a bit of time for a casj little Q&A giving you a chance to ask us anything… well wellness related *wink* 

We operate a good vibes only policy so bring your bredrins, bring the man dem and bring your good good energy. 

If you want keep up to date with the next event, sign up to my mailing list and keep an eye on the events page.